You as a player must follow our rules and obey admins words without any complains. There is always the option to play on other servers if that doesn’t fit you.

There is of course zero tolerance for cheating and ghosting on our servers. Do not blame your brother, friend or any other person if you get caught cheating/ghosting. If yu feel that you are getting unfairly treated you should take it up in our forums.

On our servers we use either Swedish or English, we use a well polished language. Use the same language you would use when speaking to your own mother.

It is forbidden to use names/nicks related to politics or religion. And you are prohibited to discuss anything related to politics or religion in the serverchat.

We use proper names/nicks on the servers. If a admin or server changes your ingame name/nick you should change it to a proper name/nick directly without any delay (fakenicks are not prohibited).

Advertising is not allowed in any form. And if you advertise you will receive a mute from our gag-system. And if you keep advertising you will receive a ban.

You are not allowed to use any mapexploits.

On our servers you have to do everything in your power to complete your mission, therefore camping is not allowed. CT are ofcourse allowed to camp on bombspots, but when the bomb is planted you HAVE TO try and defuse.

Microphones are allowed to help your fellow team mate to victory. Misuse of it and it will lead to a kick/ban. And if you have a bad microphone we’d rather see you being quiet.


Temporarily bans:
You are not allowed to change account if you just received a temporarily ban. For example; If you receive a 24 hours ban, you are supposed to wait it out and not connect with a new account. And if you overlook this rule we will reward you with a permanent ban on the newly connected account. If you get caught connecting with a new account before the ban expires on the first account we will add additional time to your previous ban. 

Permanent bans:
If you get permanent bans from example cheating you are not allowed to obtain a new account and play until earliest of 6 month. All accounts you use before that will also be rewarded with a permanent ban. If you receive yet another ban on the newly acquired account will lead to IP ban and ban on our website.

You must follow the Swedish law when you’re playing on our servers. Pornography, the promotion of drugs and other conversations about copyrighted material is not allowed on the servers. You’re not allowed to use and the servers to distribute material that’s illegal and things that might be found offensive, e.g. incitement to racial hatred, harassment and child-pornography. If you break these rules you may end up getting banned.

We do not allow people to use our servers as a connection-point to trade in-game items. Which means that you can’t ask for any type of trades, it doesn’t matter if you’re the seller or the buyer. It’s also not allowed to link to websites that offer trading, such as do not take any responsibility if someone is being tricked into a trade or tricked into following a links that could be a danger for your PC through our servers.


As T you always have to plant the bomb directly if you spawn with it. You are never allowed to run away from the chosen bombsite but you are allowed to step outside the site. For example you are allowed to go outside the B port on D2.

Always try to complete your mission. Do not run around where you shouldn’t be like for an example don’t go to T spawn when the bomb is planted on B. Breaking any of these rules will result in a ban.