We’re a new-started gaming-community with the main goal of hosting as many servers as possible.

RookieSquad is a gaming community which started early 2020. With the Owners having experience of running communities in the past, we strive to provide the perfect gaming experience when playing on our servers.

We make sure to provide a low latency server with a up-to-date gamemodes and addons. If the community votes for a feature to be added, we will most likely add it! If you find any bugs and/or exploits then please report them on the forums and we will attempt to resolve the issue within the next few days to make sure that our servers are well optimized and bug-free. If you wish to request/suggest a feature or an idea please visit our website. We will review all ideas on the website within a few days and we will get back to you whether your idea has been successful or not.

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